Urge the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) To Advance Consumer Data Privacy Rules

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Voice Your Support for National Data Privacy Rules

Unlike many other nations, the U.S. has no national consumer data privacy law. While Congress may still take action to protect consumer data privacy, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently took an initial step to address this issue by releasing an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) requesting public comment about the need for and potential scope of new data privacy rules.

This is a positive step forward and represents an opportunity for Voices for Innovation advocates to support reasonable data privacy rules that are harmonized with global standards.

Data privacy can and should be maintained in today’s highly connected digital world. At the same time, the collection, analysis, and use of data is an important engine of innovation. Responsibly used data can improve outcomes in healthcare, education, commerce, policymaking, and many other areas.

Our Ask of the FTC: Adopt Rules that Protect Consumers and Support Businesses

In VFI’s joint letter to the FTC, we express our strong support for meaningful data privacy regulations that protect consumers and provide cogent, manageable rules to businesses and organizations.

We also outline key factors that the FTC should consider as it develops new data privacy rules. Our letter underscores that data privacy rules should benefit consumers without impinging on businesses’ ability to innovate and operate lawfully. Please add your name to our joint letter below.