Voices for Innovation

Voices for Innovation (VFI) is a Microsoft supported community of technology professionals and everyday Americans who help advance technology, IT job growth, and businesses of all sizes. As empowered citizen advocates, we work together to shape public policies for our 21st century digital economy and society.

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vfi_arrow_sm.png Tell Congress: Support Email Privacy, Pass the LEADS Act
Email Congress today to voice your support for the Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad Act (LEADS Act). If enacted, this bill will provide digital communications with the same privacy protections as letters sent by mail. Legal support for digital privacy will foster growth and innovation in cloud computing. Take action by writing a letter and tweeting at your representative!
vfi_arrow_sm.png Tell Congress: Pass the Defend Trade Secrets Act
America's intellectual property (IP) system-including patents, copyright, and trade secrets-is a key driver of innovation. Trade secrets are especially vital to startups and small businesses, which may not file for patents. However, while patents, copyrights and trademarks receive protection and remedies under federal law, trade secrets do not receive such protection. The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) updates trade secret law to provide a uniform, federal standard for protection and a federal remedy. Email Congress today to urge lawmakers to support modernizing U.S. trade secret law by voting YES on the DTSA.
vfi_arrow_sm.png Check out the LEADS Action Center
Learn more about the LEADS Act and what you can do to help on our LEADS Action Center.
vfi_arrow_sm.png Tell Congress to Fix the Talent Gap!
vfi_arrow_sm.png Support CS Education for Students
Every student should have the opportunity to learn about and participate in creating the technology that’s changing our world. Read and sign our petition to support computer science education in America's classrooms. 
vfi_arrow_sm.png Getting from Now to Next: The Invisible Revolution
Watch this webinar to learn how Microsoft Research is addressing key challenges to increase productivity, improve software testing, and lower costs, and learn how you and your customers can access Microsoft Research technologies to enhance your products and services.
vfi_arrow_sm.png How Microsoft's Cybersecurity Benefits Your Customers
In this webinar, Chris Krebs, Director, Cybersecurity Policy at Microsoft, discusses how Microsoft is leading the way in developing and deploying the most advanced cybersecurity technology and services, government proposals to address IT security and privacy challenges, and why technology professionals should be part of the conversation.