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Sensible Public Policies Needed for Facial Recognition

Recently, Microsoft President Brad Smith called for “governments in 2019 to start adopting laws to regulate” facial recognition. He discussed this issue as well at an event at the Brookings Institution in ...

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@vfiorg @BradSmi - Senator Chuck Schumer today taking about rural broadband issue and the importance of all American having high speed broadband at home. Thank you #Microsoft @BradSmi for your continued effort to move this forward..

It's well past time we ended the #DigitalDivide. Read about new strides in #RuralBroadband funding via @bcbeat: https://t.co/OHBBSBMpna

Investing in our nation’s infrastructure, including rural broadband, should not be a partisan issue. As a #NewDem, I’ll continue working with both sides of the aisle to deliver real solutions this #InfrastructureWeek & throughout the year. #BuildForTomorrow

.@Microsoft has selected seven lucky startups to receive grants from its #AI for Accessibility program. Each of the seven companies receives professional-level @Azure AI resources and support. https://t.co/AEI0CwUafY

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"Named after the recent terrorist attack in Christchurch, the agreement should ask tech platforms to increase their efforts when it comes to blocking toxic content."

Check out this @TechCrunch article to learn more about the Christchurch Call to Action: https://t.co/BnMZGya4Lb

#ICYMI: @Microsoft signed onto the Christchurch Call to Action and published 9 steps it will follow to curb extremist content online. Read more from @MSFTIssues: https://t.co/FVQRSKRS0W

This week in tech headlines: @Microsoft signed the Christchurch Call, San Francisco banned #FacialRecognition technology, and more. Catch up on the rest of this week's top stories here: https://t.co/JjIZKk4wfI

This is a big deal. #broadband access in underserved communities (rural and urban) improves health & education, inceases job skills and crop yields, the list goes on. https://t.co/F5hZayJ8fW

#ICYMI: 16 tech companies have helped the Cybersecurity #TechAccord cross over 100 signatures! We're proud to see VFI members represented, including @NetComLearning, @USLicensing, @usmedicalit, and more. https://t.co/t4JUopxqfe

Ahead of the Christchurch Call to Action meeting, I spoke with Brad Smith of @Microsoft about how governments & social media platforms each have a responsibility to do more to eliminate terrorism and violent extremism online. More on our call: https://t.co/ccBJ5GNkoX

Microsoft is proud to sign the Christchurch Call and commit to nine concrete steps to fight violent extremist content online. https://t.co/chba2JsmZL

. @Microsoft, along with other key tech companies, has signed the Christchurch Call. Learn about the 9 steps tech giants are following to curb extremist content online at @MSFTIssues https://t.co/FVQRSKRS0W

#TVWhiteSpace is key to closing the digital divide. Read what Microsoft is doing to help connect Americans across the country: https://t.co/7AaR97eIU0

Last week, the House passed the Access Broadband Act. If it passes the Senate, the bill will spur the administration to boost broadband access in underserved areas. #RuralBroadband https://t.co/S8P1qdsO8C

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Last week, @satyanadella announced ElectionGuard, a free open-source software development kit designed to make voting "secure, more accessible, and more efficient." Learn more at https://t.co/rIjiAgiMNU #ElectionSecurity

Proud to see #MSPartners and VFI members like @Wipfli_LLP, @LawToolBox, @AvePoint_Inc, and more help push The Cybersecurity #TechAccord to over 100 signatories! You can read the full announcement here: https://t.co/t4JUopxqfe

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Technology Brings Internet to Underserved Communities Though the United States is a global technology leader, roughly 25 million Americans—including more than 19 million in rural communities—do not have adequate, affordable access to high-speed internet. Credit: Wall Street Journal Without (...)

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The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but this leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. We cannot maintain an innovation-driven economy and prepare students for future success in the digital economy if (...)


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