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Book Review: “Tools and Weapons” Thinks Big

Brad Smith (r) with Titu Sarder at 2019 Inspire Conference Brad Smith is Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer—and, as it turns out, he is also a powerful storyteller. Though Smith has ...

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Learn more about @Microsoft President @BradSmi's visit to Washington, DC for the Supreme Court #DACA hearing and find out why he is standing up for this critical immigration case. https://t.co/ltYaCyw7uL

Join VFI and connect with a diverse network of tech leaders across the country. https://t.co/KYAOrSIFYY

In Pennsylvania, over 800,000 people live without reliable access to broadband. Learn why lawmakers are working to address this issue and connect rural communities across the country. #DigitalDivide https://t.co/Yt75nCBKRZ

ICYMI: Catch up on the latest VFI blog for @STILLTITU's review of @Microsoft President @BradSmi's book #ToolsAndWeapons. Learn how this book merges human stories with tech policy insights. https://t.co/sGnbnLw275

It was so fun to be at @amazonnews today to talk about #ToolsAndWeapons! Thanks to @JayCarney for hosting me and discussing these important issues.

A group of experts in privacy, AI and computer engineering discuss what challenges are on the horizon for the tech world. Read on for their takes on some of the biggest issues in tech. https://t.co/pFqtKVMbaR

Our #MSPartners @RyanRisley and @frankv104 led the conversation on #cybersecurity at the @NSBAAdvocate @SmBizRoundtable #techsummit.

Legislators reach across the aisle to sponsor a bill that would expand the cybersecurity workforce. How could this bill affect the future of online safety? https://t.co/sT48BtOyqW

Microsoft in Washington: @Microsoft President @BradSmi will be at the Supreme Court today for the much-awaited #DACAHearing. Find out why he is fighting for the rights of Microsoft #Dreamers. https://t.co/YiCmWJUp51

University students like @Princeton’s Maria and our more than 60 @Microsoft #Dreamers should be allowed to work, study and thrive in the United States, and not be forced to leave the only country they have ever really known as home. #SCOTUS

Microsoft in Washington: @Microsoft President @BradSmi will be at the Supreme Court today for the #DACAHearing. Find out why he is fighting for the rights of Microsoft Dreamers. https://t.co/YiCmWJUp51

Why is @Microsoft President @BradSmi in Washington for the #DACAHearing? Learn more by checking out the video below and #SoundOff in the comments below. https://t.co/rGrkygp6w4

Our two-year legal fight for #DACA registrants has made its way to @Scotus, which will hear our case on Tuesday. This is why @Microsoft and @Princeton joined together to stand up for Dreamers: https://t.co/McUTcujYec

The VFI blog allows #MSPartners to share their experiences in tech advocacy, and push forward the conversation. Catch up on our latest blogs and be sure to share with your network. https://t.co/sGnbnLw275

Keep up with the latest tech policy issues and learn new ways you can impact your community. Join VFI by visiting the link below. #MSPartners https://t.co/KYAOrSIFYY

The new FCC procedures were created to test the quality of rural broadband connections. What are your thoughts on this measure? #DigitalDivide https://t.co/Gj0wOHIsFL

Technology moves fast. It wasn't that long ago that pagers and floppy disks were all the rage. And it’s precisely the reason that governments must move laws into the 21st century. #TBThursday https://t.co/K8jIqpGrSh

Calling all tech leaders: your company has a chance to stand up and be counted as a supporter of the largest global cybersecurity initiative, the #ParisCall. Learn more and sign up today: https://t.co/x66sMAufsn

My thanks to Microsoft partner @STILLTITU for his review of @CarolAnnBrowne’s and my book #ToolsAndWeapons on the @vfiorg blog. https://t.co/mSNfnD9Ec1

In #ToolsAndWeapons @microsoft President
@BradSmi tackles the fundamental tech issues of the day through powerful storytelling. Check out a review of his book by #MSPartner @stilltitu in the new VFI blog. https://t.co/Ub8EBPEZC1

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Technology Brings Internet to Underserved Communities Though the United States is a global technology leader, available government data indicates that roughly 25 million Americans lack adequate, affordable access to high-speed internet, including more than 19 million people in rural communities. Microsoft connectivity data (...)

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The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but this leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. We cannot maintain an innovation-driven economy and prepare students for future success in the digital economy if (...)


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