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Partnering Podcast Features Voices for Innovation

On the podcast The Ultimate Guide to Partnering, host Vince Menzione dedicates a complete episode to public policy engagement and Voices for Innovation. You can listen to the complete episode, “One Technology ...

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Passage of the CLOUD Act means that Microsoft's Supreme Court case is over. More from @adamliptak: https://t.co/qKv9P7Xuca

34 million Americans lack access to the internet, including nearly 23.4 million people in rural communities. Learn how #TVWhiteSpaces can help change that statistic. https://t.co/bRo4yt2dRC

Want to take action on the #techpolicy issues that matter to you? We can help. Join the Voices for Innovation community today. https://t.co/PrwV6btNjn

Protecting our online environment is in everyone's best interest. That's why 34 tech and security companies signed the #TechAccords. Read more from @BradSmi: https://t.co/IJAThjdiSc

This week, 34 tech companies signed the Cybersecurity #TechAccord to advance online security and resiliency around the world. More via @MSFTIssues: https://t.co/IJAThjdiSc

Make the right decision for your business by joining our community of 40,000+ technology professionals and advocates today. https://t.co/PrwV6btNjn

Microsoft signs the #TechAccord, joining more than 30 global tech companies that are driving cybersecurity forward for everyone. https://t.co/Zb1Ytknry8

Very excited to see the announcement of the #techaccord today! @vfiorg @IAMCP_Advocacy @connectamnow @CSECoalition @IAMCPUS @msPartner


In the #TechAccord, we're joining a coalition to defend people and businesses everywhere from cyberattacks: https://t.co/gfVMeKgcac https://t.co/aQ1dbDfdmr

It only takes 5 minutes to make a difference for rural Americans living without internet access. Tweet your Congressperson in support of #TVWhiteSpaces today. https://t.co/gFUbmjoO6m

The attacks from the past year demonstrate that cybersecurity is not just about what any single company can do alone, but what we can do together. Today 34 companies signed a #TechAccord pledging to protect and defend customers everywhere. https://t.co/iNd7AOxjKH

@vfiorg | We are committed to furthering @Microsoft’s vision of improving #broadband connectivity to roughly 34M Americans! We met with @RepLowenthal to advocate for policy action https://t.co/3hP6vWdruW @msPartner @IAMCPUS #IAMCP #WeMoveYouForward

Worth following #RSAC and #AzureSphere-- last week at the @vfiorg meetings, #CyberSecurity and #dataprivacy were key topics. So much happening now, more on the horizon. #Archive360 #Microsoft https://t.co/QE95ayMcpm

Technology providers are ready to roll out #TVWhiteSpaces, a service that could connect thousands of Americans to the internet. Learn more and take action today! https://t.co/EM8sEmpwII

Don't miss @vincemenzione's Ultimate Guide to Partnering podcast featuring VFI leaders and Microsoft's signature public policy initiative. Find our recap and a recording here: https://t.co/mQvVCdL1at

Listen to @vincemenzione's Ultimate Guide to Partnering Podcast to hear @CarolLynnGrow discuss why partnering with our community and advocacy matters more than ever! #GDPR #CLOUDact #STEM @IAMCPWIT @vfiorg @apcmsc @Friebs https://t.co/gP6f9xB0mn

V-impressed & learned a lot from @MicrosoftDCU today. Proud how much #Microsoft is investing in #Cybersecurity, driving #DigitalGenevaConvention & protecting customers from cyber threats #vfivisit @vfiorg

What a great week of training and inspiration with industry thought leaders. @vfiorg @vfivisit @BradSmi https://t.co/vDPTdqAqCG

So honored to participate in @vfiorg with some of the smartest partners and Microsoft folks you'll ever meet. I'm humbled by their insightful and genuine passion to help others and make a better world.

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Data Privacy

Update: April 2018 On March 23, 2018, after a multi-year advocacy effort, the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (the “CLOUD Act”) was signed into law as part of omnibus legislation. Passage of the CLOUD Act represents a milestone for digital privacy. (...)

Computer Science Education

The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but our leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. Today, even as our economy is increasingly driven by information technology, only one of four K-12 schools (...)


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