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VFI Partners with AvePoint for #ShiftHappens

Earlier this year, I found out that Microsoft partner AvePoint was organizing a June conference in Washington DC, called #ShiftHappens. AvePoint’s CMO is Dux Raymond Sy—and Dux is a member of Voices ...

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With the launch of its newest initiative, The Department of Defense is tackling the problem of deepfakes created with advanced #AI technology. Via @_jackcorrigan:https://t.co/Hf5MFDYFv4

Senator Warren recently proposed investing $85 billion in broadband expansion. Learn more about her proposal via @techcrunch: https://t.co/hFobXTbPI4

Quickly changing technology presents new challenges and opportunities. Help create a safer online world by joining our advocacy community for #MSPartners. https://t.co/KYAOrSIFYY

Love this picture! And proud of our AI for Earth grants, which help scientists track penguins, elephants, and other animals. https://t.co/KwnMumMIM4 #MSFTAdvocate

The chance to learn computer science can bring more than just economic opportunity, it can enrich students’ lives. This is great work from our #TechSpark team! https://t.co/nmmBiH3Vz6

Legislators are restarting #dataprivacy legislation efforts after missing a deadline before the August recess. Learn more about the new bill via @thehill: https://t.co/CDzOrhXvYe

From Senator Warren's bold broadband expansion promise to new details on the Capital One data breach, check out this week's Executive Briefing for the latest headlines in #techpolicy. https://t.co/IctOuoYhpC

Thank you, David Pryor @vfiorg for sharing your #IAMCP 25th Anniversary Wishes. https://t.co/36kEBhlTlt #MSPartner @MSPartner

Our August Newsletter is Out! Check out info about upcoming events with SoCal WIT, @IAMCPSanDiego @IAMCPSoCalNorth, our efforts for #Diversity and #Inclusion, the latest blog from @vfiorg and more.
#IAMCP #Vexcellence

#DYK millions of Americans are not accessing the internet at broadband speed? Discover what broadband policy looks like in your area with @pewtrusts new tool.

Join VFI to become a leader in #tech policy. We'll help you stay informed on the issues that impact your business. #MSPartner https://t.co/B0uSTAJRtF

Congress is tightening restrictions on all altered and AI-generated videos with the DEEPFAKES Accountability Act. Learn more about what that means via @axios. https://t.co/tPiwRTprNu

Don't miss the latest on data privacy, rural broadband, and more. Check out our most recent Executive Briefing: https://t.co/pdrZBlxZOJ

@FCC today launched the Digital Opportunity Data Collection, which will improve its data and maps in better identify and then close gaps in broadband coverage: https://t.co/njs3ngoztj

JUST IN: FCC approves long-awaited plan to improve broadband access data https://t.co/Bw7GumJCh8

With severe weather impacting agriculture across the globe, increases in #AI data collection can lead to more sustainable farming. Get the full story via @Microsoft. https://t.co/F3gv7NRYiX

Last week, the FCC announced more than $563 million in funding to expand #ruralbroadband access. Learn more from @FierceTelecom. https://t.co/avXlGLMglG

With little regulation on the federal level, states like California and Washington are defining their own approaches to #dataprivacy. Get the full story via @govtechnews: https://t.co/D7xm9utdzQ

Microsoft believes that #AI can be used to preserve history and cultural heritage. Learn more about Microsoft's AI for Good portfolio and five-year commitment to cultural preservation: https://t.co/PUDoHGymHI

Thank you @IAMCPUS and @VFIorg for sharing how #MSPartners are working together to advance policies to support innovation, business growth, and social good!

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Technology Brings Internet to Underserved Communities Though the United States is a global technology leader, roughly 25 million Americans—including more than 19 million in rural communities—do not have adequate, affordable access to high-speed internet. Credit: Wall Street Journal Without (...)

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The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but this leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. We cannot maintain an innovation-driven economy and prepare students for future success in the digital economy if (...)


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