It's Time To Connect 34 Million Americans

High-speed broadband is a vital part of our 21st-century infrastructure, but 34 million Americans don’t have adequate access. You can help close the digital divide and connect more Americans to educational, employment, and business opportunities to keep our economy growing.

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FCC Commissioners Meet with VFI Leaders

VFI Leader Titu Sarder Highlights Educational Opportunities of TVWS VFI leaders at the FCC, with Commissioner Mignon Clyburn On October 18, I joined a group of small tech business leaders who went ...

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From weekly Executive Briefings to on-demand policy analysis, you've got a lot to gain from joining our community of #MSPartners.

Tell your representative: we need #ICPA to boost #dataprivacy and strengthen law enforcement.

The Supreme Court's decision on Microsoft's warrant case will have far-reaching consequences. Passing #ICPA would provide greater legal clarity, writes @MichaelShindler.

Join our community of #SmallBiz leaders across the nation and get tools for advocacy, weekly policy briefings, and more.

"People need to step up and represent themselves." On @recode, find out why Ron Conway thinks tech companies need to be proactive about policy.

Our current data privacy laws were written for the world of the floppy disc, not the era of the cloud. Urge Congress to pass #ICPA!

Inequities in global internet access and use must be addressed. Read more from @NewAmerica:

From the Supreme Court to Congress, this week's Executive Briefing has it all. Find it here:

Our Advisory Task Force is an amazing group of #MSPartners. Read their stories here:

The @FCC must set aside just three channels for #TVWhiteSpaces to bridge the digital divide. Learn more on our blog:

Want to learn more about #TVWhiteSpaces? @jon_rivers addresses some common misconceptions on our blog: #MSPartner

Sharing his personal story helped #MSPartner @STILLTITU advocate for #TVWhiteSpaces during VFI's visit to the FCC. #IAMCP

Join #MSPartner Dovell Bonnett, Founder & CEO @AccessSmart, in urging Congress to improve our #cybersecurity defenses. Learn more:

Thousands of VFI members have contacted Congress in support of #ICPA. Join them today!

#TVWhiteSpaces connect people to the internet in 18 nations around the world. It's time for the U.S. to join them & close the broadband gap!

Join our community today for exclusive access to webinars, policy analysis & advocacy, and more. Learn more:

How will the gig economy affect traditional employment - and your taxes? @Wired investigates. #MSPartner

TV White Spaces can help #MSPartners like @NetComLearning empower individuals through education. Read more:

Despite new DOJ policy, Congress must work to update ECPA for the 21st century, writes @just-security. #IAMCP

Procurement codes for #cybersecurity will help small business and the government, writes @idprotectiontip.

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“It's critical for business leaders to understand the policy environment, especially technology leaders, because the policy is so far behind the innovation.” - VFI member Marc Hoppers

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Data Privacy

The Need to Modernize Data Privacy Laws for the Cloud Computing Age Current digital privacy law—the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)—was enacted in 1986, before the invention of the web and the emergence of global cloud computing. Simply put, U.S. law no longer (...)

Computer Science Education

The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but our leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. Today, even as our economy is increasingly driven by information technology, only one of four K-12 schools (...)


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