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The Value of Investing in Privacy Compliance

Microsoft partners—and every tech business—should provide strong privacy protections for their customers. It’s the right thing to do, it’s required by laws and regulations, and it’s good for your business. U.S. tech ...

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Please download the @FCC’s Speed Test app to measure how your mobile & in-home #broadband networks are performing. The app is part of the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America program that gathers crowdsourced data on US broadband network performance. http://www.fcc.gov/broadbanddata

"We have a better map of the Milky Way galaxy than we do of who is un- and under-connected in rural America."

Learn more about how @POTUS' #broadband plan could help people get connected: https://bloom.bg/3xBLgfV

As more state governments continue to recognize the need for high-speed #broadband across the state, learn about the new proposal from Maine’s governor that would establish the Maine Connectivity Authority: https://bit.ly/3aPrpzS

As a result of the SolarWinds breach, the Senate Intelligence Committee is developing legislation that will require some form of mandatory reporting for the private sector to prevent future #cyberattacks. https://bit.ly/3u6qDWK

Due to the increase in cyberattacks over the last year, Reps. @JimLangevin and @RepGallagher are urging the House Appropriations Committee to provide at least $400 million in additional funding for @CISAgov. https://bit.ly/3t4lRIj

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill requiring all Internet service providers in the state to offer affordable high-speed access for low-income families. Learn more: https://bloom.bg/3sV5VaY

"Our message to providers is clear: certify under penalty of perjury the steps you are taking to stop illegal robocalls, or we will block your calls."

See how the @FCC is holding companies accountable for their anti-robocall efforts: https://engt.co/2S4M64u

Microsoft partners—and every tech business—should provide strong privacy protections for their customers. Longtime VFI advocacy leader Jeffrey Goldstein shares how his company is meeting privacy requirements worldwide: https://bit.ly/3xraIVm

We're proud to partner with Women in Cloud to support this excellent new opportunity for skilling that will help enable women to secure economically fulfilling jobs in tech: https://bit.ly/3ewZqpF

.@POTUS' infrastructure plan includes $152 billion for job training that could help with the tech worker shortage: https://tek.io/2QEWaAq

There have been at least 44 ransomware attacks on American public school districts so far this year. Learn more about how cybercriminals are impacting schools: https://nbcnews.to/3xo5F86

President Biden's first discretionary funding request would invest in the Technology Modernization Fund and CISA. See a full breakdown of the budget: https://bit.ly/3uT1wXF

Learn more about the @FCC's new speed test app designed to help measure internet speeds across the country: https://bit.ly/2RKVIBn

Affordable broadband has the potential to transform the lives of the students and families living in East Cleveland. This project is a great example of the public-private partnership we are forging with our Airband Initiative. https://twitter.com/GovMikeDeWine/status/1379831148055048197

Learn how communities and organizations are working to close the #DigitalDivide for the 77 million Americans who don't have an adequate home internet connection: https://bit.ly/3dRzzbI

Due to its rapid expansion, SpaceX is only half a dozen launches away from global Starlink coverage: https://cnet.co/3d5vAta

NSA director, Army Gen. Paul Nakasone, spoke to the Senate Armed Services Committee on the nation's #cybersecurity and how the agency is working to fix its blind spots: https://n.pr/39ZSakJ

Progress on these applications will do more than provide a spectrum license. It will provide Tribes with the ability to offer their communities something that is long overdue—full access to the opportunities of the digital age. https://go.usa.gov/xHgs7

"As Twitter made clear, the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms."

Justice Clarence Thomas argues that tech companies should be regulated as utilities: https://bit.ly/2PNZlpe

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Rights and Responsibilities When It Comes to Data Privacy Privacy is recognized as a fundamental human right by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and many other treaties. Data-driven innovations and services should (...)

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Technology Brings Internet to Underserved Communities Though the United States is a global technology leader, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 2019 broadband report indicates that more than 21 million Americans lack access to high-speed internet, including nearly 17 million people in rural communities. (...)


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