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VFI Leader Spotlight: Amanda Lee Shares Advice from Capitol Hill

Amanda Lee, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft partner Pax8, joined Voices for Innovation’s Advisory Task Force in January. Amanda plays a critical role in helping to drive Pax8’s rapid growth ...

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This past week, a Senate Commerce Committee hearing featured @Microsoft corporate vice president and deputy general counsel @JulieSBrill http://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/04/a-federal-privacy-law-is-starting-to-crystallize-senators-remain-divided-over-details.html

Read more about last week's announcement about water restoration and reclamation: https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2020/09/21/microsoft-will-replenish-more-water-than-it-consumes-by-2030/

Did you miss the first week of #UN75?

Catch up on conversations about climate action, global peace, the impact of COVID-19 and more. Speakers include Microsoft's @BradSmi, Trevor Noah and @IanBremmer. ⬇️ #gzeroWithMicrosoft

ICYMI, this week's webinar featuring @Microsoft Defending Democracy program leaders is available now to watch on our website http://www.voicesforinnovation.org/webinar/get-inside-the-2020-elections/

Tune in now to hear @BradSmi during #UNGA on "Crisis Response & Recovery: Reimagining while Rebuilding": https://un-affairs.event.microsoft.com/Home/Index

Did you catch our Q&A with @AmandaLeePR of @pax8? Hear how Amanda's experience on Capitol Hill influences her technology policy advocacy, and more! https://www.voicesforinnovation.org/vfi-leader-spotlight-amanda-lee-shares-advice-capitol-hill/

Microsoft has been a proud longtime partner of the United Nations. Today, we’re announcing a renewed commitment to collective action and to the belief that technology has a critical role to play in addressing global challenges.

Climate change isn't a problem for future generations – it's a problem right now, and we're witnessing its impacts all over the world. As a global company, we have a responsibility to make it our biggest priority – thanks to our own @lucasjoppa for always leading the way. https://twitter.com/gmbutts/status/1306231359128641537

Can data help us learn enough to drive decarbonization? 🌎

Tune in on 9/16 at 9:30 AM PT to discuss climate and #sustainability with @gmbutts and our Chief Environmental Officer @lucasjoppa #gzeroWithMicrosoft #UN75 https://msft.it/6007TtUvf

Our first fall webinar is next Wednesday, 9/23. RSVP to hear from leaders of @Microsoft's Defending Democracy program: https://www.voicesforinnovation.org/upcomingwebinar/get-inside-the-2020-elections/

An exciting new @Office feature recently debuted, enabling audio transcription in Microsoft 365 - making it easier for students, reporters and professionals to document lecture notes, interviews and more. https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/25/21400623/microsoft-transcribe-in-word-transcription-audio-microsoft-365

Should #AI have legal #IP rights? A computer scientist is suing the @uspto after two patent applications listing an AI as the inventor were denied. Read the full story @VICE: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/5dz44b/this-guy-is-suing-the-patent-office-for-deciding-ai-cant-invent-things

In a recent talk, @Microsoft’s president @BradSmi discussed cybersecurity threats that may impact the 2020 presidential election. See more from @axios https://www.axios.com/klobuchar-microsoft-smith-russia-voter-interference-elections-2020-5c88c108-f782-4dd5-b4f7-419852d4ad9e.html

Government awards of more than $1 billion will fund 12 new artificial intelligence and quantum information science institutes. Learn more in @ENERGY’s latest release: https://www.energy.gov/articles/white-house-office-technology-policy-national-science-foundation-and-department-energy

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