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Sensible Public Policies Needed for Facial Recognition

Recently, Microsoft President Brad Smith called for “governments in 2019 to start adopting laws to regulate” facial recognition. He discussed this issue as well at an event at the Brookings Institution in ...

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Access to the internet connects rural Americans to economic opportunity. Hear more why closing the rural broadband gap is crucial from ATF member @CarolLynnGrow. https://t.co/jDhyKyT6OW

#ICYMI: On Tuesday, a bipartisan pair of senators introduced legislation that would safeguard children's data privacy. More via @birnbaum_e: https://t.co/O558TO9YS3

Our webinars have all the background you need on #TVWhiteSpace, 2019 tech policy, and more! You can check out all of the past Voices for Innovation webinars at https://t.co/cEf7UEIGp4

#ICYMI: Last week, the Washington state Senate approved the Washington Privacy Act to address consumer privacy concerns. Read more #TechPolicy headlines with our Executive Briefing: https://t.co/JjIZKk4wfI

Gain access to networking opportunities, tech policy news roundups, and the tools you need to advocate on behalf of the tech issues most important to your business by joining the Voices for Innovation community: https://t.co/KYAOrSIFYY

Comprehensive, accessible #CSEd is key to future innovation in the United States. We need to encourage the next generation to be daring with their ideas and become the tech leaders of tomorrow. https://t.co/D5x2mpOpdQ

Congratulations to VFI leader @CarolLynnGrow for leading a great event encouraging young women to get involved in #tech!

The rural #broadband gap impacts nearly every aspect of Mississippi’s economy. Investing in #TVWhiteSpace technology is one way we can expand access to the internet and the economic opportunities that come with it. Via @clarionledger: https://t.co/W5Qp96xzi4

It only takes 5 minutes out of your day to make a difference for communities without affordable access to broadband internet. Visit the VFI Action Center to sign our petition and end the #DigtialDivide! https://t.co/fLuva8Cis3

Our Voices for Innovation Advisory Task Force members are passionate advocates for tech policy. You could be one of them! See what ATF member @CarolLynnGrow had to say about women in #tech at last year's Advocacy Summit: https://t.co/5dt1K4ezAZ

#DYK a major data privacy law passed the Washington Senate this week? Learn all about the bill in this week's Executive Briefing. https://t.co/JjIZKk4wfI

Want to learn more about our vision for sensible tech policy regarding #facialrecognition? Check out our roadmap: https://t.co/VLNO14LVtf

Check out this highlight from last week's Executive Briefing: the #RuralBroadband gap is an urgent national problem that can and must be solved. Thank you @shelleymckin for your advocacy to close the digital divide! https://t.co/3GbWBRpOUP

Our VFI Advisory Task Force is gearing up for an exciting year in #techpolicy. Watch below for their opinions on the state of tech today 👇

Initiatives like this new @FCC funding program are exciting strides for expanding rural broadband access. Read more via @AndroidAuth. https://t.co/XdbnRNTPni

Sensible facial recognition and AI regulation is the key to encouraging innovation while also being responsible with emergent technologies. Read more on the developing Washington state privacy legislation via @chronline: https://t.co/bgXRrMYVy5

Voices for Innovation empowers business leaders to advocate for the #techpolicy issues that they care about. Sign up today to be part of a growing community of tech thought leaders and advocates. ✍️ https://t.co/KYAOrSIFYY

#ICYMI: House and Senate lawmakers are set to ramp up efforts to develop a broad federal #dataprivacy law with upcoming hearings. Read more from @SaraMerken and @realdanstoller. https://t.co/dtMockSaYx

#DYK that every week we release a round-up of the latest tech policy updates on issues like AI, #dataprivacy, rural broadband and more? The Executive Briefing for this week is now live at: https://t.co/JjIZKk4wfI

Social media is a fast way to reach decision-makers, and we've made it easy to tweet Congress in support of expanded broadband access: https://t.co/QZ3usOgWJH

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Data Privacy

Update: April 2018 On March 23, 2018, after a multi-year advocacy effort, the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (the “CLOUD Act”) was signed into law as part of omnibus legislation. Passage of the CLOUD Act represents a milestone for digital privacy. (...)

Computer Science Education

The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but this leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. We cannot maintain an innovation-driven economy and prepare students for future success in the digital economy if (...)


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