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VFI Leader Bill Hole Highlights Industry and Advocacy at Regional STEM Summit

On June 28, dozens of educators, administrators, and business leaders gathered at Cavelero Mid High School in Lake Stevens, Washington—northeast of Seattle—for a Regional STEM Summit. VFI leader and STEM advocate Bill ...

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Lack of broadband access limits the ability of rural communities to thrive in a digital economy. Through the Airband Initiative, our partnerships help ensure access becomes a reality. Here's more: https://t.co/ratSzujycS https://t.co/xRcdHwIIMZ

Good example of the concrete steps we need to take to strengthen #cybersecurity. The #TechAccord now has over 40 companies supporting important principles -- and turning them into action.


#TVWhiteSpace opens doors for people in rural America. Learn the impact of the digital divide from VFI leader @jon_rivers. https://t.co/O53goVjMA0

Social media is a great way to reach out to your representatives. We've made it easy for you to tweet Congress in support of #TVWhiteSpace: https://t.co/0zZJhTvFPt

Intellectual property drives #innovation and is at the heart of the software business. Read up on this core #tech issue: https://t.co/2RPOhWasyT

Excited to announce our first Leadership conference #IAMCPWIT #AgentsofChange March 8th 2019 #IWD in Kansas City
To keep up-to date on information Sign up here:

VFI members are moving the needle on #TVWhiteSpace, digital privacy, and #CSEd. Join us today: https://t.co/PrwV6btNjn

#DYK Microsoft Airband is bridging the digital divide for thousands of rural Americans? Great share from @BradSmi.

.@MSFTIssues has seven tips for how state governments can defend against cyber attacks. Read them here: https://t.co/4Y6T52EHoU

#ICYMI, you can stream our @IAMCPWIT webinar on policy, advocacy, and how to make a difference while growing your business here: https://t.co/Kl9exQxQPG

Thanks to Microsoft for supporting and spearheading this effort. TV White Spaces is an easy way to get broadband everywhere. #TVWS can help fill The Homework Gap and so much more.

Thanks @vfiorg and @mentorafrika for your efforts. #VFI #IAMCP https://t.co/FZvZcUTRPE

In case you missed the @vfiorg webinar and you would like information on being a leader and advocate in your community, please see a recap here: https://t.co/VqwgZJsZgn #voiceforinnovation @IAMCPDenver @IAMCPWIT @WIT_Denver @iamcpcolorado

Communities in California, Texas, and Maine may soon have access to #telehealth programs, thanks to Microsoft's Airband Grant Fund. Via @mhealthintel: https://t.co/rSoSsqX3fk #TVWhiteSpace

Make an impact on #techpolicy. Join our community today to advocate for the policies that matter to you and your business. #MSPartner https://t.co/PrwV6btNjn

19 million rural Americans live without broadband internet every day. #TVWhiteSpace could be a lifeline for these communities. Act now to connect them: https://t.co/bRo4yt2dRC

Catch @sharanhilde and @carollynngrow talking #WomeninTech, advocacy, and VFI in a new webinar. #IAMCP #WIT https://t.co/8U5tr1qwOt

As ethical issues around #AI become more pervasive, Congress needs to act to establish rules for this emerging technology. More from @BradSmi: https://t.co/RW528wcwPN

Bill Hole, VFI leader and advocate for #CSEd, recently attended a Washington-area STEM summit. Educators, professors, and leaders in business and non-profits came together to advocate for STEM education: https://t.co/8U5tr1qwOt

Happening tomorrow: @IAMCPWIT leaders host a webinar on women, technology, advocacy, and how YOU can get involved. You don't want to miss this discussion! #IAMCP https://t.co/2KSggsnYbR

Voices for Innovation members are making a difference in state and federal legislatures. Join them today: https://t.co/PrwV6btNjn

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“It's critical for business leaders to understand the policy environment, especially technology leaders, because the policy is so far behind the innovation.” - VFI member Marc Hoppers

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Data Privacy

Update: April 2018 On March 23, 2018, after a multi-year advocacy effort, the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (the “CLOUD Act”) was signed into law as part of omnibus legislation. Passage of the CLOUD Act represents a milestone for digital privacy. (...)

Computer Science Education

The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but our leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. Today, even as our economy is increasingly driven by information technology, only one of four K-12 schools (...)


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