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VFI Leader Spotlight: Laura Peters Helps Get Families Connected

Community service is central to Laura Peters’ life—both professionally and personally. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she has remained as engaged as ever—running her Southern California-based business (International Software Systems), hosting online events, ...

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Many states across the nation are working to bridge the #DigitalDivide as the #COVID19 pandemic continues to show us how critical it is that everyone has #broadband access: http://cnet.co/3uB1OD5

As #BlackHistoryMonth comes to an end, see how Rik van der Kooi, Corporate Vice President of @Microsoft Search Advertising, approaches his allyship: http://bit.ly/37xL7P3

“Kids shouldn't have to do homework in parking lots because that’s the only place they can get online,” said Acting Chairwoman of the @FCC Jessica Rosenworcel.

Learn how broadband is playing a role in the discussion over reopening schools: http://bit.ly/3udSMMf

.@Microsoft, along with eight other technology companies, established a partnership to discuss how to handle harmful content and behavior online: http://bit.ly/3ayDZUA

A new law introduced by @RepDelBene and @RepJohnKatko would require the @FCC to collect data on the growth of internet-connected devices in order to quantify the amount of spectrum needed to support the increased demand: http://bit.ly/3s7Ic7C

As more states look to create data privacy laws, learn about Virginia's new Consumer Data Protection Act: http://bit.ly/3k4xpbv

Check out the latest VFI Leader Spotlight blog that features Laura Peters and how she's keeping families connected during the #COVID19 pandemic: http://bit.ly/2ZzwcPS

#BlackHistoryMonth is a great time to celebrate the “Rise” of Black-owned technology businesses in the Microsoft ecosystem. The Black Channel Partner Alliance will be doing just that on Saturday, February 20th and we’ll be there! Join us. Visit http://BCPAlliance.com #BCPA

Researchers who study health disparities are concerned that racial and ethnic minorities won't be able to access the #COVID19 vaccine, even if it's offered in their #communities, because of a lack of internet access. http://bit.ly/3dae47g

What’s good for the climate is what’s good for business. That’s why @Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030. And by 2025, all of our data centers, buildings, and campuses will have 100% supply of renewable energy.

While #COVID19 has emphasized the need to narrow the #DigitalDivide, many local governments have developed policies to provide internet access to students even after the pandemic is over: http://bloom.bg/3jGhMHb

ICYMI: Senate Democrats are calling on the @FCC to bridge the homework gap and expand internet access for students: http://engt.co/2ZdZcfO

Here are key changes to Microsoft’s PAC following listening sessions w/ employees. We will suspend donations for the 2022 election cycle for elected officials and organizations who supported the election being overturned https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2021/02/05/changes-to-political-giving/

Microsoft President @BradSmi and CEO @satyanadella discuss more effective ways to regulate big tech than antitrust lawsuits: http://cnet.co/3d7YI31

To track the distribution of #COVID19 vaccines worldwide and in each US state, @Microsoft created a new dashboard to visualize the progress being made: http://bit.ly/2OwXWm9

“There is no issue that requires more consistent and broader multilateral collaboration than sustainability.”

Microsoft President @BradSmi underscores the critical role of governments and public policy in driving sustainability: http://bit.ly/39QGwc9

#ICYMI: Last week @Microsoft released its 2020 Environmental Stability Report. Learn about what progress is being made toward becoming a carbon negative, water positive, zero waste company: http://bit.ly/3twsWTq

Can you imagine a world where unused TV frequencies are used to bring people online?

Well, it's not very far away 📺

Learn about @Microsoft's #Airband Initiative here: https://msft.it/6008TNfta

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