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Book Review: “Tools and Weapons” Thinks Big

Brad Smith (r) with Titu Sarder at 2019 Inspire Conference Brad Smith is Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer—and, as it turns out, he is also a powerful storyteller. Though Smith has ...

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With millions of Americans lacking reliable internet access, VFI is taking steps to close the #broadbandgap and you can help. Sign on to the VFI joint letter urging the FCC to expand broadband access in communities across the country. TAKE ACTION today: https://t.co/II807GbQC5

Partners -Join the #WIC network to be part of a growing trend and part of $1 Billion opp. Listen to ⁦@GretchenOHara⁩ ⁦@vfiorg⁩ to learn more. #iamcp #LLTV1 #mready365


New technologies like AI are becoming more powerful. And the bigger the tool the more formidable the weapon. The next decade will be dominated with questions on how to develop AI to ensure it’s used responsibility and securely for all. #ToolsAndWeapons

Today is the day for our new VFI webinar featuring @Microsoft leader @GretchenOHara. Join the conversation on AI opportunities, women in cloud and much more: https://t.co/fjBRaIBeeX

This #GivingTuesday I’m contributing to @SupportKIND and their work to protect the thousands of children fleeing from violence in their home countries. https://t.co/y8bI6mSzBh

There's still time to register for tomorrow's VFI webinar featuring @Microsoft leader @GretchenOhara. Join us and learn more about AI opportunities for partners, women in cloud and much more. REGISTER today: https://t.co/mWv0G10CCH

With the holiday shopping rush fast approaching, make sure you take steps to protect yourself and your data when shopping online.

#cybersecurity #password #passwordsecurity #infosec #cyberattacks #cybercrime #onlineshopping


When communities lack reliable broadband access, job seekers, businesses and the economy suffer. You can help by signing on to the VFI joint letter urging the FCC to take critical steps to expand broadband access.TAKE action and sign on today: https://t.co/II807GbQC5

Today is #SmallBusinessSaturday - a day to support the small businesses that drive local economies. Learn more about the work of our #MSPartners who serve as leaders in their communities. https://t.co/sGnbnLw275

Have you registered for the latest VFI webinar featuring @Microsoft leader @GretchenOHara? Register today and learn more about emerging AI opportunities and the women in cloud initiative. https://t.co/nIggUaD138

5G may be coming, but we can’t forget about the millions of Americans who have been left behind. Our nation must prioritize closing the #broadband gap. https://t.co/pa6oiSwj4t

Today we are thankful for our #MSPartners whose innovation and vision helps shape the tech world. #Thanksgiving

We're looking forward to Microsoft President @BradSmi's upcoming visit to the #BayArea!

On Thursday, 12/5 at the @cwclub — he'll discuss #ToolsAndWeapons in conversation with @mollywood.

Register with this link for a friends of @Microsoft discount: https://t.co/dNKJAxjcyG

VFI members are standing up for communities without reliable broadband internet access. Join these businesses in signing a letter urging the FCC to take critical steps to expand broadband access. TAKE ACTION and sign on today: https://t.co/II807GbQC5

In the final segment of our Partner Success Attribute Series, I share why being aligned with @Microsoft's culture is the differentiating factor for MS Partners. #MSPartner #CulturalTransformation https://t.co/c9BB1JlMO6

Join us for a new VFI webinar on emerging AI opportunities, women in cloud, and much more - with special guest, long-time @microsoft executive @GretchenOHara! Register today: https://t.co/nIggUaD138

Your business can help the millions of Americans left behind by a lack of reliable broadband internet access. Sign onto VFI's joint business letter urging the FCC to take critical steps to expand broadband access. TAKE ACTION today: https://t.co/II807GbQC5

Farmers can’t adopt new technologies in places that lack #broadband. With our Airband initiative, we're bringing 21st century technology to rural communities, enabling programs like FarmBeats help boost food production and drive economic growth. https://t.co/ueOeLw0BGA

With 39 percent of rural residents lacking access to broadband - the political, cultural and economic divide between urban and rural America continues to grow. #DigitalDivide https://t.co/X1J6hJS1HZ

#IAMCPNYC November meeting. We have a great line up of speaker this evening. #MSpartner please come Join us for a night of leaning, networking and fun! #IAMCP #VFIorg

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Technology Brings Internet to Underserved Communities Though the United States is a global technology leader, available government data indicates that roughly 25 million Americans lack adequate, affordable access to high-speed internet, including more than 19 million people in rural communities. Microsoft connectivity data (...)

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The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but this leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. We cannot maintain an innovation-driven economy and prepare students for future success in the digital economy if (...)


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