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Sensible Public Policies Needed for Facial Recognition

Recently, Microsoft President Brad Smith called for “governments in 2019 to start adopting laws to regulate” facial recognition. He discussed this issue as well at an event at the Brookings Institution in ...

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Accurate broadband mapping data is key to closing the #digitaldivide. Read more about the challenge of expanding rural broadband access in this article from @_aizaguirre. https://t.co/BecSMIh2kb

#DYK Microsoft recently turned down a #facialrecognition sale because of human rights concerns? Get the story from @josephmenn: https://t.co/i8RQ5YKCWD

USAC updates data on map showing location-specific rural broadband deployment stemming from Connect America Fund and other FCC rural support programs: https://t.co/TWQVEvQGXO #FCCMaps

The Digital Equity Act of 2019 aims to bring high-speed internet to communities across the country. Read more about the new legislation that could help close the #DigitalDivide: https://t.co/G8GIVXVUD8

Read the week's top headlines on the digital divide, #facialrecognition bias, and #AI in our tech news round up. https://t.co/0zfHcFOUCd

Only 35 percent of U.S. high schools offer computer science courses. Yet 90 percent of parents want their children to learn #ComputerScience. We need to make #CSEd a higher priority in schools across the country. https://t.co/D5x2mpOpdQ

#TVWhiteSpace connects people to broadband internet at home and abroad. Read how @Microsoft's 4Afrika initiative is working to empower entrepreneurs and accelerate economic growth. https://t.co/11mqo8MbEh

Meet @meetdux the CMO of @AvePoint_Inc and member of the VFI Advisory Task Force! Dux partners with VFI to drive change through technology advocacy. Learn more: https://t.co/88vB0k4TZM

Voices for Innovation empowers business leaders to advocate for the #techpolicy issues that they care about. Sign up today to be part of a growing community of tech thought leaders and advocates. ✍️ #MSPartner https://t.co/KYAOrSIFYY

VFI connects #MSPartners with opportunities to learn and grow their business. Thanks @marianbreeze for joining us on our ATF Summit!

We love this insightful @MSFTIssues blog on how a lack of internet connectivity impacts economic well-being. There are at least six independent studies that show that #broadband has a direct impact on jobs and GDP growth. Learn how: https://t.co/gAMllTkEg5

We're honored to be featured on a #ChewNChat! Thanks @meetdux and @RyanRisley for your advocacy. #MSPartner

This morning, our ATF leaders had the opportunity to tour the #Azure Cloud Collaboration Center @Microsoft. #MSPartner

Should governments ban #facialrecognition technology? @castrotech argues that policymakers can promote the responsible use of the technology without banning it. Read how: https://t.co/uxNdw5tFmp

We're talking about #datasecurity #newsguard #dataprivacy #Azuresphere and more. https://t.co/WlDDHgaDcY

Our Advisory Task Force leaders are on campus @Microsoft today for our 2019 Summit! #MSPartner

#ICYMI: A bipartisan bill introduced in the House last week could establish an advisory committee of cyber professionals to help @DHSgov take on cyber issues. https://t.co/zVKwzodKD6

Our Voices for Innovation Advisory Task Force leaders are real changemakers in the world of tech policy. Meet Laura Peters, President of International Software Systems. Through VFI, she helps advance STEM education through issue advocacy. https://t.co/FTqLtnXwGm

The Voices for Innovation community offers opportunities to advocate for the tech policies that matter to you and your business. Join today and get started! https://t.co/KYAOrSIFYY

"Advancements in technology have brought greater capabilities for connecting to the internet." Access to high-speed internet is offers new possibilities for education, agriculture, and more. Read more about the benefits of closing the digital divide: https://t.co/GXqG7gFu84

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TV White Spaces Broadband

Technology Brings Internet to Underserved Communities Though the United States is a global technology leader, roughly 25 million Americans—including more than 19 million in rural communities—do not have adequate, affordable access to high-speed internet. Credit: Wall Street Journal Without (...)

Computer Science Education

The United States leads the world in technology innovation, but this leadership is jeopardized by insufficient support for computer science education in our nation’s K-12 schools. We cannot maintain an innovation-driven economy and prepare students for future success in the digital economy if (...)


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