Carol-Lynn Grow

Co-Owner & VP of Marketing & Sales,, Inc.

Carol Lynn Grow is the proud mother of three (ages 19, 17 and 9) and married for 23+ years. She loves to bump ski, run, and cook (as long as she doesn’t have to follow a recipe).

She is co-owner at LawToolBox, a legal software SaaS provider that leverages its proprietary court rule-set and custom rule-set database to power an agnostic cloud-based deadline management system that works with all the major platforms. LawToolBox offers tightly integrated solutions with the Microsoft platform and is excited about the power of the cloud, collaboration, and bots. Grow heads up sales, marketing and channel programs at LawToolBox and spends much of her time developing channel and API integration partners in legal and new verticals her company is developing.

Prior to LawToolBox Carol-Lynn worked for IBM based out of Tokyo, Japan, where she managed an Asia-Pacific distribution organization across 15 countries and later managed a global sourcing team based all over the world. Carol-Lynn started her career in Fukuoka on a Japanese government funded Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation research project followed by a 3-year stint in Tokyo at Showa Aluminum Corporation as the first western hire where she joined the Corporate Planning Department. Carol-Lynn is fluent in Japanese and conversational French and Spanish.