R.J. Naugle

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, REV Tech

Moved by the events of 9/11, R.J. enlisted in the United States Army after gaining his bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University.  R.J.’s primary duty station as a soldier was Fort Lewis, WA, with 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne).  He later attended the Army’s Officer Candidate School and fulfilled operations and assignments in Washington, DC, Kentucky, Korea, and Japan throughout his military tenure.

Upon his transition from the military, R.J. gained employment in the high-tech industry as an IT professional and consultant at companies such as Microsoft, KPMG, and Starbucks for the past 15 years.  R.J.’s transition to professional services from the military was a natural synergy as both involve complex problem solving through unconventional ideas.  Along the way, R.J. created multiple enterprise recognized and OSD-approved Military “Career Skill Training Programs” in the areas of Software Development, Customer Service, and Cybersecurity.  Many of these skill-based programs are still deployed today across the Army, Air Force, and Marines and also integrate with emerging Cyber efforts.

R.J. is the Founder and CEO of REV Tech, a veteran owned small business in the Pacific Northwest providing full-service technology and consulting solutions to a wide array of clients in the private and public sectors.  REV was named after the 4th Industrial REVolution centered on innovations such as Cloud, Mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). REV was also coined by the term “Remember Every Veteran,” which is at the heart of the company’s ethos in hiring former military to provide legendary services to their customers. Some or REV’s cornerstone projects and clients include the Department of Veteran Affairs, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft to name a few.