Advisory Task Force

Photo of Vince  Menzione

Vince Menzione

Founder & CEO Ultimate Partnerships, LLC

Vince Menzione is an award-winning business leader who has delivered and advanced four successful business transformations, including almost a decade as a GM at Microsoft, by embracing disruptive technology and building successful partnerships to transform business.

Vince has distilled 30 years of experience to a set of proven principles and founded Ultimate Partnerships to guide technology organizations toward maximizing their business results by applying these proven principles and a framework to Get Partnerships Right, Optimize for Success, and Deliver Results.

Vince also hosts a successful podcast, Ultimate Guide to Partnering® where he spotlights leadership and partnership principles to help technology organizations thrive during this time of transformation.

Why I Support VFI

I believe that we in the technology sector have both an opportunity and perhaps an obligation to lift our voices to drive the change we believe we need in our businesses and in our world. VFI gives me the opportunity to advocate on behalf of issues that matter to our world.