Advisory Task Force

Marian Breeze VP, Business Development, Americas Archive360, Inc.
Nikkia Carter CEO/Owner Carter-McGowan Services LLC
Stephen Cracknell President and CIO US Medical IT (LLC)
David Gersten Vice President Bond Consulting Services
Jeffrey Goldstein Managing Director Queue Associates Inc.
Emilie Hersh CEO Unbuttoned Innovation, Inc.
Bill Hole President US Licensing Group
Marc Hoppers Co-founder and Managing Partner Cogent Company
Lacy Jemmott President/CEO TechCumulus
Doña Keating President and CEO Professional Options LLC
Shahin Kohan President AIMS360
John Nicolau Vice President – Business Development ZLan Partners, Inc.
Veronica Place Managing Director of Customer Care Partner Source Technology
Ryan Risley Director and CTO Wipfli LLP
Jon Rivers President Marketing Monarchs
Titu Sarder Founder & President NetCom Learning
Randy Steinle Vice President Onsupport Corporation
Frank Valdivieso President and CEO Gryphon Consulting