December 11 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response New York Times C.D.C. Call for Data on Vaccine Recipients Raises Alarm Over Privacy The Trump administration is requiring states to submit personal information of people vaccinated against Covid-19 — including names, birth dates, ethnicities and addresses — raising alarms among state officials who fear that a federal vaccine registry could […]

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December 4 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response CNBC Zuckerberg says Facebook will show ‘authoritative’ info about Covid vaccines Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday the social media company plans to provide users with authoritative information about Covid-19 vaccines. Facebook has already reached out to the incoming Biden administration to help with the response to the coronavirus pandemic, Zuckerberg

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November 20 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response Microsoft Official Blog Cyberattacks targeting health care must stop Two global issues will help shape people’s memories of this time in history – Covid-19 and the increased use of the internet by malign actors to disrupt society. It’s disturbing that these challenges have now merged as cyberattacks are being used to

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November 13 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response Microsoft Official Blog An update on our AI for Health program We launched our AI for Health program in January to use artificial intelligence (AI) and data to help improve the health of people and communities worldwide. Shortly thereafter, Covid-19 hit us head on and became a global health pandemic that

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November 6 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response New York Post Scientists develop AI technology that detects COVID-19 through cough sounds Scientists developed a new artificial intelligence system they say can tell if someone has COVID-19 just by the sound of their cough. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers said the algorithm is able to detect the virus because the

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October 30 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response MeriTalk COVID-19 Driving Technology Innovation, Fed Experts Say Speaking today at the ACT-IAC ReImagine Nation ELC Conference, Jose Arrieta, former CIO of HHS, and Scott DuVall, director of VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure discussed how their agencies were able to quickly organize to address COVID-19 challenges, as well as the innovative

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October 23 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response NonDoc COVID-19 brings new urgency to the need for rural broadband access Jolene Oldenberg, principal of Mulhall-Orlando High School, often stays late at school answering emails and completing all her other online work. Many of these tasks could, theoretically, be done at home. But like many rural Oklahomans, Oldenberg does not

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October 16 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response Official Microsoft Blog Embracing a flexible workplace Over the past few months, we have learned so much about productivity, flexibility, resilience and compassion. We have been working in ways we never thought possible, including managing necessary safety precautions, learning to connect with small or large teams while presenting to a screen,

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October 9 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response CNBC States are finally starting to use the Covid-tracking tech Apple and Google built — here’s why Six months after it was announced, the tech that Apple and Google built for sending Covid-19 exposure alerts to smartphones is finally gaining momentum in the United States. New York and New Jersey both

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October 2 2020

COVID-19: Industry News & Response Science Daily AI can detect COVID-19 in the lungs like a virtual physician, new study shows A University of Central Florida researcher is part of a new study showing that artificial intelligence can be nearly as accurate as a physician in diagnosing COVID-19 in the lungs. The study, recently published in

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