December 16 2022

This Week in Washington  The Hill: A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced legislation that would prohibit the use of Chinese-based owner Byte Dance’s TikTok social media platform in the U.S. StateScoop: Another eight states are set to receive planning grants from the Biden administration’s “Internet for All” program, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced Monday. Associated Press: The Biden administration […]

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December 9 2022

This Week in Washington  Nextgov: Members of the House and Senate have reconciled their two versions of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, allowing for $858 billion in spending by the Department of Defense, in addition to the Department of Energy and intelligence agencies. Reuters: U.S. senators scaled back a proposal that placed new curbs on the use of Chinese-made

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December 2 2022

This Week in Washington  CyberScoop: The Federal Communications Commission took its most aggressive step yet to expunge Chinese tech from U.S. telecom networks with its decision late last week to ban the sale of equipment from companies Congress and the Biden administration deem a national security threat. Fierce Telecom: A group of U.S. senators has proposed legislation to revamp the U.S.

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November 18 2022

This Week in Washington  CNN: Hackers linked to Russia’s military were very likely behind ransomware attacks last month on Ukrainian and Polish transportation and logistics organizations, Microsoft said Thursday. The revelation will raise concerns in Washington and European capitals that allies supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion could face greater cyber threats from Moscow. Washington Post: Almost two years ago, Congress

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November 11 2022

This Week in Washington  Associated Press: No instances of digital interference are known to have affected the counting of the midterm vote after a tense Election Day in which officials were closely monitoring domestic and foreign threats. FedScoop: The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants feedback on a proposed project that would pilot solutions to common cybersecurity risks faced

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November 4 2022

This Week in Washington  The Hill: Ukraine is counting on more Western technological support as its war against Russia drags on, with Microsoft pledging Thursday to extend its backing for Kyiv’s “extraordinary” wartime innovation through the end of next year. Microsoft’s financial commitment of more than $400 million enables the Ukraine government and other organizations to continue using the

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October 28 2022

This Week in Washington  Axios: The Biden administration is barreling ahead with the rollout of a new consumer product label by the spring that measures the security of smart devices — but affected companies still don’t know what to expect. CyberScoop: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released long-awaited performance goals aimed at setting baseline vital practices for critical infrastructure. AP: The

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October 21 2022

This Week in Washington  Fierce Telecom: In a newly released Workforce Planning Guide, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) laid out requirements and recommendations for states to follow as they create broadband plans and vet grant applicants seeking money from federally funded programs. CNN Politics: The Biden administration on Tuesday released a directive requiring freight railroad owners and

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October 14 2022

This Week in Washington  StateScoop: More than $1.35 billion has been awarded to 94 tribal entities since August. “We are making an historic investment in tribal communities to ensure reliable, affordable high-speed internet for all,” Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said in a press release. Washington Post: Public officials in Washington for years have sparred along partisan lines over whether

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October 7 2022

This Week in Washington  POLITICO: The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a case that threatens tech companies’ broad immunity to lawsuits over content hosted on their platforms. CyberScoop: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announced a Binding Operational Directive on Monday ordering federal civilian agencies to enhance efforts to detect vulnerabilities in their networks, a move that CISA Director

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