A Five-Point Blueprint for Governing AI

Last week in Washington, DC, Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith delivered timely remarks in conjunction with the release of a milestone whitepaper, Governing AI: A Blueprint for the Future

The whitepaper includes a five-point blueprint for addressing several current and emerging AI issues through public policy, law, and regulation. We encourage you to explore all of these resources, which help foster a wide-ranging discussion about steps society can take to ensure that AI serves the public good.

Thank you for reading. Below, you’ll find our roundup of tech policy news and a featured podcast.

This Week in Washington 

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  • Tools and Weapons with Brad Smith
    AI may be the most consequential technology advance of our lifetime. Rapid advances are creating new opportunities, challenges, and questions that require the public and private sectors to come together to ensure that this technology serves the public good. In this special episode, recorded as part of an event hosted by Microsoft in Washington D.C., I share how AI is leading to new breakthroughs in research, healthcare, and productivity, the guardrails required to ensure accountability and transparency, and a five-point blueprint to help create AI Policy, Law, and Regulation. (Governing AI: A blueprint for our future – May 30, 2023)