Government and Industry Collaboration on AI Safety

At a White House event, Microsoft and six other AI leaders made voluntary commitments developed by the Biden-Harris Administration to advance safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. This is an important step on the road to unlocking the promise of AI while addressing the risks of this emerging technology. Congress is expected to focus on developing AI legislation in the fall.
For more information on the collaborative effort between the government and the tech sector to advance AI safety and security, read this blog from Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith. For additional coverage, see stories from CNN and Politico.
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    Dario Amodei has been anxious about A.I. since before it was cool to be anxious about A.I. After a few years working at OpenAI, he decided to do something about that anxiety. The result was Claude: an A.I.-powered chatbot built by Anthropic, Mr. Amodei’s A.I. start-up. Today, Mr. Amodei joins Kevin and Casey to talk about A.I. anxiety and why it’s so difficult to build A.I. safely. (Dario Amodei, C.E.O. of Anthropic, on the Paradoxes of A.I. Safety and Netflix’s ‘Deep Fake Love’ – July 21, 2023)