Hour of Code 2018 is Fast Approaching—Sign Up to Volunteer


Hour of Code™ 2018 is just a few weeks away—running from December 3-9. We strongly encourage VFI members to volunteer to host an Hour of Code session in their community—at a school, a community center, or even a Microsoft Store.

Launched in 2013 as part of Computer Science Education Week, Hour of Code has become a global phenomenon that reaches millions of kids around the world. Every year, Voices for Innovation members have stepped up to lead or support Hour of Code sessions.

Why Hour of Code?

Unfortunately, U.S. schools lag behind many other nations in supporting computer science education in primary and high school. While progress has been made in recent years, only about one-third of U.S. high schools offers computer science classes.

Given the fundamental importance of computing to our economy, communications, innovation, and way of life, it makes sense to teach computer science basics in our schools.

In addition, we need to build a stronger pipeline of tech professionals. Tech experts are needed not just in technology companies, but across the spectrum of industries. Information technology is increasingly essential to healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, and other sectors.

The Hour of Code is not a substitute for in-depth coding classes, but it helps raise awareness about the need to increase access to computer science in our schools. The event also introduces millions of kids to the world of software development. It provides a fun snapshot of what goes into making their favorite games and apps. (Kids can even learn to code using a Minecraft tutorial.)

Who Can Lead an Hour of Code Session?

The short answer is, just about anybody can lead an Hour of Code session. If you’re a software developer, great. But even if you’re not a coder, you can lead an Hour of Code session. Code.org provides step-by-step guidance.

If you’re interested in participating, please sign up as soon as possible. In addition, please share this event with your networks and let us know if you’re participating by emailing us at outreach@voicesforinnovationaction.org or tweeting @vfiorg.


Note that to volunteer is some schools, you may have to first pass a background check. The Hour of Code™ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.