Advisory Task Force 2024 Pre-Summit Reading List

AI Policy Overview

Congressional Research Service, “Highlights of the 2023 Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence for Congress

EY, “Eight AI-related US Policy Issues for Boards and Management to Consider” (A related report, “U.S. Public Policy Spotlight: Artificial Intelligence,” is available at this link)

OpenAI et al, “Frontier AI Regulation: Managing Emerging Risks to Public Safety” (51 pages, with a brief executive summary)

Center for Data Innovation, “Ten Principles for Regulation that does not Harm AI Innovation” (12 pages)

Brennan Center for Justice, Artificial Intelligence Legislation Tracker (Review for a sense of scope and volume of emerging policy proposals).

AI and Copyright

Engine, “Comments of Engine to the U.S. Copyright Office’s Notice of Inquiry on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright, Docket No. 2023-6” (PDF to be provided).

Creative Commons, “CC Responds to the United States Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry on Copyright and Artificial Intelligence” (Word file of Copyright Office filing to be provided).

AI and National Research Investment

MIT Technology Review, “Why America needs an Apollo program for the age of AI

AI, Energy Infrastructure, and Sustainability

U.S. Department of Energy, “Summary Report: Potential Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence for Critical Energy Infrastructure” (10 pages)

Microsoft, “Accelerating Sustainability with AI: A Playbook” (37 pages)

Technology and Competition

POLITICO, “Both of These Agencies Want a Piece of Microsoft’s Open AI Partnership


Klon Kitchen on LinkedIn, “An Existential Bet: What’s Microsoft’s Security Reforms Mean for the Rest of Us