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Chaitra Vedullapalli

Co-Founder & President Women in Cloud

Using the power of AI, Cloud, and IoT, Chaitra Vedullapalli is fiercely committed to empowering business owners to access the digital economy through cloud technology. She is an author, speaker, change leader who has technology patents and is a TEDx and United Nation speaker. Chaitra also sits on multiple private and non-profit boards, including the Microsoft Alumni Network and PACE.

Chaitra’s efforts to change and further the Diversity and Inclusion conversation involved collaborating with Senator Patty Kuderer of Washington State Senate, representing the 48th district to champion bill S-R8602, which declared January 25 as a “Women in Cloud Day.” The Washington State Senate introduced a second bill, S-8697, which empowered Women in Cloud to open and seal opportunities for female tech entrepreneurs and provide them with access and help them accelerate in their mission, again led by Senator Patty Kuderer of the 48th Legislative District. In addition, Vedullapalli also has secured New York to champion the Women in Cloud proclamation and advance economic access for female tech founders.

It is Chaitra’s mission to propel the representation of female technologists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the technology industry and promote collective action to ensure women receive access to capital, human resources, and a platform to showcase their solutions to drive economic impact. Vedullapalli recently led the charge to build a 100M Global Partnership Network for Women in Cloud with UN Women, Sheroes, EQUALS Global, Microsoft Alumni Network, WIT Network, and 18 other global organizations. This partnership allows all the parties involved to access various resources, some unique to a particular organization, and build a strong dynamic global community of women.
Chaitra Vedullapalli is recognized as an Influential Business Leader with a passion to enable digital equity and access to achieve economic prosperity in our communities. She is the co-founder and CMO of Meylah, focused on helping customers to modernize their business with cloud solutions. Vedullapalli is also the Co-Founder & President of Women in Cloud, who drives global conversations with the United Nations and top corporations like Microsoft, IBM, Accenture throughout the U.S.

Why I Support VFI

Public Advocacy is key for driving systematic change. With my involvement in VFI, we will be able to advocate the right policies for making the digital economy inclusive for all.