Tech News Roundup for April 21

This Week in Washington 

Article Summary

  • The Hill: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek made his first trip to D.C. to push Congress to rein in the powers of dominant app companies by passing the Open Markets Act
  • CNN: Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, is now available for all users. This new feature can be brought into conversations with other users, offer recommendations, and even answer questions. 
  • Nasdaq on LinkedIn: Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman writes about harnessing AI’s potential to improve Nasdaq’s operations and better identify financial crimes such as money laundering and fraud. Friedman also raises a note of caution about “the risks of over-regulating” AI: “We can’t create an environment where criminals can move more quickly than trusted actors.”
  • The Hill: Following a state House vote last week, Montana could become the first state to implement a full ban on TikTok on state-owned devices. The bill points to the app being from an adversary of the U.S. and the fact that it gathers “significant data” from users. 
  • Microsoft and FE News: With the demand for cybersecurity jobs growing, Microsoft announced that it will be expanding its Cybersecurity Skills Initiative to Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, and Spain. This expansion emphasizes skilling women and working with local organizations to develop a cybersecurity skills program that fits each market’s unique needs.

Featured Podcast

Wall Street Journal

  • Tech News Briefing
    There is so much changing in artificial intelligence right now and generative AI is raising a lot of new questions. WSJ tech reporter Karen Hao joins host Zoe Thomas to answer listener questions on AI. This is the second episode of Tech News Briefing’s series “Artificially Minded. (AI Hallucinations to Befriending Chatbots: Your Questions Answered  – April 10, 2023)