Helping Students Develop Information Literacy

New AI tools are helping to improve online search, but we must all still evaluate a flood of information. This is especially a challenge for young students, who must learn to distinguish among sources of information when doing school assignments, learning on their own, or even shopping. To help meet this challenge, Microsoft offers unique tools for classrooms called Search Coach and Search Progress. These educational apps help students form effective queries, evaluate search results, and identify misinformation. Engadget writes about this education technology here. You can also learn more on the Microsoft Education Blog and in this story.

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Tools and Weapons with Brad Smith

  • Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne
    Brad and Carol Ann discovered that riding in an autonomous vehicle as it learns to navigate the streets of London can be a bit nerve-wracking. But these hands-on experiences are crucial to understanding the impact that AI’s sudden surge has on everyday life at the intersection of technology and society. In this episode, Brad’s co-author, chief of staff, and long-time colleague Carol Ann Browne puts him in the hot seat to discuss the tech issues and trends that they are witnessing together in real time. They discuss the war in Ukraine, the global economy, climate change, and why responsibility must be at the center of AI development. (Carol Ann Browne: Turning the tables on Brad Smith – February 15, 2023)