September 23 2022

This Week in Washington 

  • CyberScoop: Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said Wednesday that the agency responsible for answering questions about a significant breach of the U.S. federal courts system is “stonewalling” congressional efforts to get additional information and specifics.
  • Washington Post: Leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are introducing legislation to help secure open-source software.
  • GCN: A Biden administration official urged state and local governments to continue pushing efforts around digital equity, including increasing digital skills and access to devices, as billions of dollars become available from the federal government to expand broadband internet.
  • FedScoop: The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology recommended the National Semiconductor Technology Center create a $500 million investment fund for startups by the end of 2023, in a report released Tuesday.
  • Bloomberg: Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan said her agency is taking a stronger approach to consent decrees compared to a 2011 deal with Twitter Inc. that was criticized in a whistle-blower’s complaint.
  • StateScoop: The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration announced Monday it’s accepting applications for two grant programs furthering the use of technology designed to make transportation safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Article Summary

  • Axios: Ransomware attacks still affected nine in 10 U.S., U.K. and Canadian organizations in the last year despite increasing company budgets for cybersecurity.
  • Wall Street Journal: Hackers gained access to personal data for a “very small number” of American Airlines Group Inc. customers and employees through a phishing scam that affected some employee email accounts, the airline said Tuesday.
  • MIT Technology Review: Rural and Native communities in the US have long had lower rates of cellular and broadband connectivity than urban areas, where four out of every five Americans live.
  • CNET: Uber’s computer network was breached by a cyberattacker last Thursday, who Uber now says hacked into the account of a contractor after likely purchasing the employee’s credentials from the dark web.
  • Broadband Breakfast: According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming broadband transparency labels should include “interpretive” information that helps consumers understand the practical implications of their internet performance, such as the number of movies they can watch at a time.

Featured Podcast

Cyber Work Podcast

  • Podcast on what you can do about your personal data being everywhere
    Today on the Cyber Work Podcast, Mark Kapczynski of OneRep reminds us of an awful truth most people either don’t know or don’t like to think about. Your personal information — your address, your phone number, your age — all of these things are on the public internet! Mark talks about OneRep’s mission to scrub personal information from these sites, suggests changes that could help prevent this problem, and shares ways you could base a career in this fight for data privacy and autonomy. All that and a detour into grade-school home computer shenanigans on today’s episode. (Your personal data is everywhere: What can you do about it? | Guest Mark Kapczynski – July 25, 2022)

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