For Earth Day: Leveraging AI for Climate Research and Action

AI is transforming many areas of research and applied science—and it will be an increasingly valuable tool for researching climate change and driving innovations in energy. In advance of Earth Day, NASA highlighted how it is developing new AI foundation models for earth, climate, and atmospheric research. You can also explore Microsoft’s vision for using AI for sustainability here.

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  • CBS News: An Earth Day highlight from CBS showcases how humans are leveraging AI and innovative technologies to protect ocean life. 
  • ABC News: The International Olympic Committee outlined its agenda for utilizing AI to help identify promising athletes, personalize training, and improve judging to create fair competition. 
  • StateScoop: A new report from the Open Technology Institute found that some state’s age verification requirements designed to keep underage users from accessing “adult” content online may bear more risks than benefits.  

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  • WSJ Tech News Briefing
    This week, companies that make artificial intelligence tools including Open AI, Google and Meta agreed to incorporate new safety measures to protect children from exploitation and plug holes in their current defenses. A new alliance, led by a nonprofit called Thorn, is leading the charge. [Microsoft has also joined the Thorn effort.] WSJ tech reporter Deepa Seetharaman tells host Alex Ossola about the problem, and how technology might help solve it. (OpenAI, Meta and Google Agree to New Measures to Protect Children – April 25, 2024)