The Role of Tech in Driving Sustainability

Earlier this week, Microsoft published its 2022 Environmental Sustainability Report, which details the company’s progress toward meeting its decarbonization, waste reduction, and water conservation goals. The report also underscores the role that technology will play in helping companies and organizations worldwide and across sectors reduce their environmental impact. Meeting the challenges of climate change is a collective effort that also includes government and policy leadership. To learn more, check out the foreword to the report, which also appears as a blog post, “On the road to 2030: Our 2022 Environmental Sustainability Report.”

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This Week in Washington 

  • Engadget and Decrypt: The Biden administration announced a series of planned actions on AI technology, including a $140 million investment to launch seven AI research and development centers as part of the National Science Foundation. Vice President Harris also met with companies leading in AI, including Microsoft, to discuss how to ethically develop the technology.
  • CNBC: Major AI companies are partnering with the Biden administration to host an event that will allow hackers to test the limits of their technology during the annual DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas this summer.
  • Nextgov: A bipartisan group of Senators introduced the Satellite Cybersecurity Act, which will require CISA to provide recommendations and resources that help satellite owners protect their systems against cyberattacks.
  • AP News: A bipartisan group of Senators, who are also parents, introduced legislation that would prevent kids under the age of 13 from joining social media sites, and require parental consent for those under 18. They believe this legislation represents the concerns of parents across the U.S.
  • Cyberscoop: As lawmakers in Washington and statehouses are considering – and in some cases enforcing – laws to require age verification on social media sites, some believe it could bring privacy risks to the children and their families.
  • MeriTalk: A House subcommittee is backing a Government Accountability Office (GAO) initiative to unify the federal government’s approach to broadband as they look to consolidate the 133 programs they currently run.
  • Fierce Telecom: After withdrawing her nomination to the FCC, Gigi Sohn will become the first executive director of the American Association for Public Broadband (AAPB), where she will be fighting for municipal broadband networks.

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