Tell Congress to Support Expanded Broadband Access

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25 million Americans lack adequate, affordable access to high-speed internet, including more than 19 million people in rural communities. This limits educational opportunities for students, as well as employment and business opportunities. Adequate, affordable broadband access would also improve healthcare treatment and access to government services.

Innovative long-distance wireless broadband technology can close this digital divide. But before this technology can be widely deployed, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must remove regulatory barriers. Specifically, the FCC needs to finalize rules for allowing unlicensed broadband to use Channel 37 and what's known as the Duplex Gap. By taking this action, the FCC will spur investments that will bring affordable broadband access to communities throughout rural America.

Please tweet at your Members of Congress today to urge them to call on the FCC to make unused TV white spaces channels available for high-speed internet.

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