A Nurse Goes to Washington… on VFI Policy and Advocacy Trip


Voices for Innovation (VFI) member Stephanie Cracknell is a nurse, a tech entrepreneur, a policy advocate, and now… a blogger. Stephanie just wrote a terrific piece—”A Nurse Goes to Washington“—for the Microsoft in Health website that details her experiences on VFI’s Policy and Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC, last fall.

Stephanie writes that she stepped out of her “comfort zone as a nurse practitioner,” but the trip gave her a chance to learn “about the inner workings of our nation’s legislative system and how healthcare practitioners can effect change for the better.” Stephanie goes on to discuss her activities in Washington, including how she advocated for legislation—the LEADS Act—to help build greater trust in cloud technologies.

We were grateful to have Stephanie on our trip. She brought a unique perspective to our advocacy efforts, focusing on how cloud trust is critical to improve health IT and ultimately healthcare outcomes. Thanks too to Stephanie for bringing VFI’s message to the wider health IT community through her blog. Please read the full piece at this link and share with others.