Video: The Importance of the LEADS Act to Small Businesses


VFI Leader Naomi Moneypenny Discusses the Need to Update U.S. Digital Privacy Protections

In a recent video, Voices for Innovation community leader Naomi Moneypenny discusses how her small technology company, ManyWorlds, can serve enterprise customers around the world because of cloud computing.

But the benefits of the cloud are now under threat because of outdated policies governing data privacy and access. As Naomi notes, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) was adopted in 1986, in essentially pre-Internet days. These laws do not address cross-border data sharing and storage; and they do not reflect today’s digital world—where even small businesses work with customers, partners, and vendors around the globe.

Naomi encourages viewers to support the Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad Act (the “LEADS Act”), which will update U.S. law to protect privacy and make law enforcement more effective in today’s digital world. Participating in Voices for Innovation makes it easy for you to learn about the LEADS Act, as well as other tech policy issues, and reach members of Congress to share your views.


Naomi Moneypenny is the CTO of ManyWorlds, a developer of “learning layer” software that enhances collaborative enterprise platforms using patented machine learning and behavioral inferencing technologies. She holds more than 40 patents, speaks frequently at global tech events, and is a Microsoft MVP.