Submit Your Video to VFI’s #TechForGood Stories


Video clap boardFrom laptop donations to providing IT training to setting up cloud infrastructure, we’ve witnessed the power of technology to transform local communities by enabling learning, facilitating professional development, and creating economic opportunity in the last two years.

All this wouldn’t be possible without tech heroes supporting social good, including Voices for Innovation members around the country.

With this in mind, we’d like to invite members of the VFI community to be a part of our #TechForGood Stories project. We’re creating a collection of short videos, highlighting how tech heroes have served their communities to enable digital transformation. Your story can serve as an inspiration for others to do the same.

VFI will share these videos widely starting this summer to help drive awareness about the massive need of underserved communities for tech enablement.

How to Participate
  • Record yourself in a video and tell your story of how you helped bring technology to a community group, non-profit, school, or other organization to drive social good. Each story in the video will be about two minutes, give or take, but feel free to submit more than one take. When you tell your story, aim to answer these questions:
  1. What is the problem or challenge?
  2. What inspired you to get involved?
  3. How are you solving the problem or addressing the challenge?
  4. What’s the outcome — or where are you headed if your work is ongoing?
  5. What did you learn?
  6. What are you INSPIRED to do next?
  • Collect/shoot videos or pictures of the community you served.
  • Upload all the videos and pictures here (create a folder for yourself).
  • Once uploaded, email us and let us know your content is ready for editing.

For video specifications and tips on shooting your video, check out this guide, courtesy of our friends at AvePoint.

The deadline to submit videos is May 19, 2022. Please submit by this deadline for the best chance to be featured in our highlight reel. We will accept videos until June 1 but may not be able to include late submissions in our highlight reel.