Microsoft Launches “Cloud for Global Good” Initiative


cloud-global-good-stackOn October 3, as part of a new worldwide initiative, Microsoft published a wide-reaching, policy-focused book entitled, A Cloud for Global Good.

In the book’s preface, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella lays out the challenges and opportunities of cloud computing, writing that “we’ve reached a critical crossroads where we must rethink how people interact, companies conduct business, and governments protect public safety, manage economic growth, and deliver services.”

A Cloud for Global Good is subtitled, “A Policy Roadmap for a Trusted, Responsible and Inclusive Cloud.” It offers a range of recommendations on many topics touched by the cloud, such as ensuring privacy, preventing cybercrime, preparing tomorrow’s workforce, and supporting the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI).

In a blog post, “Building a Cloud for Global Good,” Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith explains why Microsoft has published its cloud policy book now. “The laws that policymakers adopt and governments implement during the next few years will have a profound impact on economic growth and social mobility for decades to come. We hope A Cloud for Global Good will provide a useful resource for policymakers, citizens, business owners, educators, advocates, and other experts.”

Policy Action in the U.S.

As the title suggest, A Cloud for Global Good takes an international perspective. Developing a positive policy framework for cloud innovation will require engagement by policymakers around the world.

In the U.S., technology companies and advocates, including Voices for Innovation members, have already been working to advance policies that strengthen digital privacy, foster cloud commerce, and advance computer science education and skills training.

In the coming months and into 2017 and beyond, VFI will continue to advance public policies that support innovation, business growth, and social opportunity. We’re excited to have a new resource—A Cloud for Global Good—to explore and draw on. We encourage you to check it out!

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