Archive360 Supports Modernizing Data Privacy Laws


In a recent LinkedIn Pulse blog post, Archive360 General Counsel James M. McCarthy provides an illuminating discussion of why his company is strongly advocating for updating U.S. data privacy laws.

internet-privacy-securityArchive360 recently joined Microsoft’s legal challenge to overreaching gag orders allowed under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) by filing an amicus (“friend of court”) brief along with several other companies. McCarthy explains this action…

“Archive360 has engaged in this lawsuit for both principled and practical reasons. From a principled perspective, the surreptitious gathering of businesses data without notice raises serious constitutional questions of privacy and trade secret protection. Practically, if confidence in cloud computing is jeopardized by laws that predate and do not consider this new technology, it will harm the US economy and impact US businesses’ ability to compete globally.”

McCarthy acknowledges that law enforcement needs “robust investigational tools,” but that “unwarranted privacy intrusions make striking a balance necessary.” To help achieve this balance, Archive360 is supporting passage of the International Communications Privacy Act (ICPA). (You can learn more about ICPA and support this legislation by visiting VFI’s Data Privacy page.)

Finally, a big thank you to James McCarthy for highlighting Archive360’s participation in Voices for Innovation. We really appreciate hearing from VFI supporters about the importance of engaging in advocacy to advance innovation and strengthen our nation’s legal framework for businesses and technology users.

Read the full blog post: “Archive360 Teams Up with Microsoft in Legal Case to Support Cloud Computing Privacy”